Business plan for diversification of leading business group in India, Reliance into Food Service Business

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Reliance Delicious

Marketing Plan of

Reliance Delicious

"Bharat ka swaad" �


Executive Summary 4

Why Food Industry? 4

Market analysis 4

Competitor Landscape 4

Brand Communication 5

Brand Positioning 5

Corporate Strategy of Reliance 6

Potential Sectors Considered 6

Why not Pharma? 6

Why not Aviation? 7

Why Not Automotive sector? 7

Why not banking? 8

Why Food Business? 10

Situation Analysis 12

Analysis of customer environment 12

Analysis of external environment 15

SWOT Analysis 17

Strength 17

Weakness 17

Opportunity 17

Threats 17

Product Offering 18

Marketing Strategy 19

Marketing objectives 19

Financial Objectives 19

Mission Statement 19

Target Markets 19

Target Segments 19

Positioning 20

Marketing mix 20

Roll out Strategy 24

Financial Assessments 25

Marketing Strategy Implementation 26

Organization Structure 26

Evaluation Controls 26

References 28

Appendix 29

Leading Chained Food Service Brands in India, 2006 29




This industry has been chosen because of the following reasons

• Fast food value sales grow by 20% to reach Rs332.6

billion in 2006

• The number of outlets grows by 13% to reach 52,000 in 2006

• Indians feast on fast food as value sales growth is the fastest in Asia Pacific

• Chicken fast food witnesses the fastest growth at 76% in 2006

• Forecast constant value CAGR to remain robust at 11% over 2006-2011


Mckinsey Global Institute (MGI) predicts India will become the world's fifth largest consumer market by 2025, and per-capita spending will treble. According to the Euro monitor report of the trends of global fast food industry, even though globally there has been growing opposition to the consumption of fast food, in India fast food is being accepted like never before. With a 20% increase in fast food value sales during 2006, India was...