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The Business

Name: Abracadabra Events UK

Address: 45a The Mall, Ealing Broadway, London

Location: The office is located in the heart of Ealing Broadway close the Uxbridge Road and a minute walk from Ealing Common. Easily accessible to all transport links including underground train lines (Central, District and Piccadilly line), over ground trains, buses, road and on foot.

Form of business: Partnership

Proposed start of trading: 1st June 2006

Mission statement: We aim to act as a one-stop-shop to our clients to as an agent, supplier, planner and/or event manager for any related feature to do with children's events or children at events. We hope grow into one of the leading event management companies in London and raise shares for our partners and shareholders.

Business aims

Short term

* To market the business successfully

* To break even financially

Long term

* To make a profit for our shareholders

* To expand the business

* To expand the client base

Capital structure

Own capital introduced: $15,000

Loan from bank

Amount of Capital: $15,000

The Premises

Rates per year: $2,464

Size (in square feet): 856

Terms of lease: 15 year leasehold with 5 year breakout clause

Time remaining on lease: 15 years with option to renew lease after this period

Rent per annum: $15,000

Payable: Monthly

Review date: 1st June 2011

Regularity of reviews: Every 5 years

Party responsible for repairs:

Internal: Abracadabra Events UK

External: Abracadabra Events UK

(For full details of this property please see Appendix B).

Key Staff

There will be four key staff working for Abracadabra Events:

Name Position Date joined Salary

Michelle Higginson Partner

Event Manager June 2006 £18,000

Rebecca Gowar Partner

Event Manager June 2006 £18,000

Xxx Receptionist September 2006 £7ph

Yyy Accountant July 2006 £1000

Number of Employees

There are the four key staff...