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TABLE OF CONTENTExecutive Summary41.0 Current Education System in Malaysia71.1 Primary Education71.2 Secondary Education81.2.1 Lower Secondary Education81.2.2 Upper Secondary Education91.3 Post-Secondary Education111.3.1 Form Six111.3.2 Matriculation Program111.4 Higher Education121.4.1 Post-Graduate Program121.5 Government Regulations132.0 Market Research and Analysis142.1 Market Size & Potential142.2 Competition in the Industries163.0 Business Model194.0 Economic of the Business214.1 Capital Requirement & Break-even Analysis234.2 3 Years Sales Forecast235.0 Market Strategy245.1 Market Segmentation245.2 Market Mix255.2.1 Products255.2.2 Price265.2.3 Place265.2.4 Promotion276.0 Management Team287.0 Overall Schedule318.0 Assumptions319.0 Financial Plan329.1 Startup Funding329.2 Startup339.3 Years Pro Forma Income Statement349.4 Pro Forma Balance Sheet359.5 Pro Forma Cash Flow3610.0 Funds & Repayment Term3711.0 References3811.1 Electronic and Printed Media38Appendices39Appendix 139List of Higher Education Institutions39Executive SummaryIslander College established from the brainchild of Mr. Timothy Ong & Prof. Dr Merzagua Abderrazak. A concept to design & develop an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program that tailor made for the executives in Malaysia & enable them to be ready for global challenges.

Dr Abderrazak developed the EMBA by re-design the world renowned EMBA from the University of Merseyside, United Kingdom. It will consist of 10 modules such as Knowledge Management, Operation, Finance, Human Resource, Business Ethics, Managing & Leading, Strategies, Marketing, Network Economy and Entrepreneurship. This EMBA will be 100% assignment based to blend students working experience & the contemporary issues of present economy climate into the program. After completing the 10 modules, students are compulsory to complete a group consultancy project & a thesis in order to graduate from the program. Student may choose to complete the EMBA in 18 months as fulltime students or 24 months as part time students. School term will consist of 2 months per term.

This EMBA will be catering for working executive who want to facilitate their job demand in coming years. Furthermore the demand of highly skilled and knowledgeable manpower is increasing every...