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Business Concept

Integrated Shopping Solutions (ISS) plans to launch products that will change the way customers shop. The first product released, QwikShop Systems, will satisfy the needs of an average grocery shopper that demands quick service and convenience. It will also provide solutions to the grocery stores in terms of maintaining customer loyalty and increasing product sales at low costs. ISS's products will replace frustration with satisfaction and provide customers with a shopping experience they will never forget.


ISS's products will be protected by a patent, all relating to the unique software and technology the company will develop. This patent is in lieu of ISS's existing competition in the States. In order to protect the market and be the leading strategist in the Shopping Industry, ISS will be patenting the final product (QwikShop Systems) to limit our barriers of entry in the industry.

Opportunity and Strategy

Advances in technology have brought about new ways to integrate technology into everyday life to make it more efficient and convenient. There is a huge untapped market in the Grocery Store industry right now within Canada. ISS's competition which is mainly outside of Canada, i.e., the United States, has been slow to respond to the needs of this market. Therefore, there is a tremendous opportunity available to take the lead and introduce QwikShop Systems which will revolutionize the shopping experience.

Target Market and Projections

The target market for QwikShop Systems will be Grocery Stores within Canada. ISS's first customer in the initial three to five years will be Save-on-Food Stores and their current customers as the end users. QwikShop Systems will start by targeting British Columbia mainly focusing in the Vancouver-Lower Mainland area. This area has a population of between 2,000,000 to 2,500,000...