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EXECUTIVE SUMARYWHAT'S NEW"WHATSNEW.COM" is precisely going to provide information about all electronics & electrical gadgets launched in the market or going to be launched. The information consist of "PRODUCT", "PRODUCT SPECIFICATION", "PRODUCT BENEFITS" & "MARKET REPORT".

For example is NOKIA is going to launch a new model in the series of N96. Then "WHATSNEW.COM" will have all the information related to upcoming model. Viewer can see all the new products and can compare all the benefits and features including market report in one website "WHATSNEW.COM" .

OBJECTIVES1) The mission of "WHAT'S NEW" is to provide fast and reliable information on all new products launched in the market, where a customer can compare different products without any difficulty.

2)The objective of "WHAT'S NEW" is to generate Profit, grow at a challenging and manageable rate, and satisfaction of viewers.

3)The key of success of "WHAT'S NEW" is fast, complete and upto date information about any electronics or electrical products launched in the market by any company, in any part of country.

4)Viewers waste lot of time searching for electronics gadgets different products its benefits and features and find it extremely difficult in comparing them.

KEYS TO SUCCESS1)The project will succeed if we can capitalize on the traffic that "WHAT'S NEW" will produces, and turn the user sessions into dollars through the e-commerce site.

2)If we can save time for viewers and give quality information relevant to viewers needs.

3)We must retain the customers. The website has to be easy to use and quickly viewable. Viewer satisfaction is an ultimate priority.

COMPANY SUMMARYThe present "WHAT'S NEW" is a start-up company with 5 full time core employees, the company creates an Internet environment attractive to everybody who is looking for new products in market. Our service will be the best...