Business Process Reengineering.

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Summary: This is a five page article on Business Process Reengineering


The concept of Business Process Reengineering has been around for more than ten years now. The concept has become popular thanks to much publicity by different management authors and due to the fact that the hype about BPR made it look like a magic potion for ailing industries. BPR looked like a miracle solution for companies, which were finding it hard to conduct business in the way they were doing it a few years before. With the popularity of the concept, business houses believed that they could change the way that they were doing business and reap benefits by modifying or rebuilding the existing system. With the advent of BPR, there was a definite shift in focus of the business managers and they were concentrating more on the processes than on the final product. Managers understood that the approach of the company and the way in which the company carries out its processes, has a great impact on the quantum of profits that would accrue to the company.

The steps involved in the implementation of BPR process provided them with many opportunities to improve their operational efficiency


Business Process Reengineering is "the analysis and design of workflows and processes within and between organizations". Business Process Reengineering is a new method of improving the operation and therefore the outputs of organizations (private and public). It means analyzing and altering the business processes of the organization as a whole. [Malhotra, 1998;Kovaèiè, 2003]

An in depth case study of a BPR project at the Housing and Development Board (HDB), the public housing authority of Singapore, was conducted to survey and identify the distinctive characteristics of BPR in public organizations.

The data collection (information gathering) involved visits to the sites and...