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Writing a researchIn general, the style for writing health and social service research theses is in line with other scientific research theses. Our outline reflects this rather formal convention, but applied and naturalistic methods of inquiry, which are on the rise in business research, do not necessarily lend themselves to a conventional style of presentation (Rapport 2004). The following is therefore a template from which the research student can build. If you find yourself in the position of preparing a project, you will need to consider with your supervisor/academic adviser the most appropriate project format. This will be the one that best reflects the research approach and style of the institution. It is good practice to obtain some example theses related to the same course or programme from the university or academic institution's library of past students' work. This will help you identify any specific standard requirements.

Writing a project that is accessible and reads well requires skill.

The writing process often takes more time than people think (Green and Thorogood 2004). Don't leave the writing up until the last few weeks before hand-in: instead, start writing as soon as possible. Much of the literature search can commence as the research proposal is prepared, and the literature review chapter is perhaps one of the first to start writing, as it may be the largest element of the final project.

Preparing an extended outline of what each chapter of the project will include will assist you to plan and organise the writing process. It also enables you to estimate how long each chapter will take to write, what areas need most work, and what information needs to go where (which helps to avoid repetition). A detailed plan will also enable a realistic time frame to be identified to help meet the...