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Joe's Windows and Doors is an extraordinary consumer based company. We specialize in selling pre-finished doors and windows. We also accommodate our customers with the accessories needed to assist them in completing their projects. Accessories such as hammers, nails, and glue guns. Joe's Windows and Door's also rent ladders pick up trucks and other heavy machinery for our do it your self customers, who probably cannot afford a contractor. Joe's Windows and Doors also give "do it your self" classes on installing and finishing our products. Our classes are given every Monday evening at 6.00pm.Our Main store is located at 101 vestibule road. 11011 long Island New York.

At Joe's Windows and Doors righteousness and honesty is the best policy. Our character is one of the main reasons our company has come so far. Our commitment to our associates and consumers has allowed us to build a loving and healthy relationship with communities across America.

A relationship based on trust and integrity, which has been insured to every man or woman who steps in our store, by our code of ethics. First and foremost we ensure a safe and respectful environment for our associates. We ensure equal opportunity employment and longevity for all associate. Our customers are the company's main asset. While catering to their every need, with our "customer is always right" policy we try to create a smile on every face that enter through our doors, we do this without infringing on our associates dignity. It is our job as an cooperate entity to ensure all properties owned by Joe's Window and Doors are environmentally safe. We adhere to all fire safety rules and city and state laws. Anyone caught shoplifting will be prosecuted. Any sexual gesturing, or talk of sex is sexual harassment and will lead...