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Sales and Marketing Business Plan

1.0 Sales Revenue Forecast

Diagram for 2005 - 2009

2.0 Company Summary

2.1 Objective

2.2 Vision statement

2.3 Mission statement

2.4 Value statement

2.5 Company location and facilities

2.6 Organisation structure

3.0 Market Analysis

3.1 Retail in Malaysia

According to Eight Malaysia Plan 2001, retail has been one of the most active sub-sectors in the Malaysia economy. Being the second biggest contributor to the national GDP, contributing RM31, 081 million in year 2000, this was contributed by several factors such as; higher disposal income, a more affluent society as well as more sophisticated tastes of the consumers have led to the growth of the sector.

The retail sector contributed 14.9% to the national income in 2000, rising from 11.1% in 1999 and approximately 1.6 million people were employed in this sector in 2000 or 17.1% of total employment in Malaysia. This figure is estimated to increase to 1.9

million or 17.3% in 2005.

(Source: Eighth Malaysia Plan, 2001)

It is anticipated that the retail trade will continue to be a prominent economic activity in the activity. Retail in Malaysia is wide ranging; from department stores, supermarkets and mini markets, specialty shops, convenience stores, provision stores, pharmacies, medical halls, direct sale, wet market stalls to pavement shops and petrol kiosks.

(Source: Seventh Malaysia Plan, 1996)

Such variety reflects the changing demands and expectations among consumers for better quality products and services.

3.2 Retailing Trend

The retailing trend is very much influenced by factors such as customer behaviour, rival competition, legislative framework, technological advancement and changes in societal status and values.

(Source: Lusch, 1982)

In order for us the see the changes taking place in the retail industry, focus on the states with high urbanization rate where the pace of change is rapid is emphasized in...