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Media MAIDS 1111 Lovers Lane Boulder, Colorado PH: (000) 000-0000 Fax (000) 000-0000 MEMO Date:March 7, 2007 To:M. MacBeth From:Jill Smith Subject:Proposal for Media Maid In-Home Services Purpose Media Maids can handle your dirtiest computer problems! Our experienced technical services staff will come into your home or office on a weekly basis, or any other schedule that works for you. Viruses are cleaned, networks are maintained, and data is backed-up.

Summary Service and Repair Frustrated by the amount of time spent maintaining your computer and equipment instead of just enjoying it? Let us help! Leave the maintenance to us and you'll see how much fun using the newest technology can really be. Spending all your time taking pictures only to be unable to print, edit, or possibly even locate your picture folders? Let us do it for you. We'll teach you how to index pictures and make the most of your digital prints without all the frustration.

Data Recovery and Back-up Has your hard drive crashed? Our knowledgeable Data Recovery Lab has vast experience recovering data from all types of media. We also provide several prevention and data backup solutions to safe guard your valuable data so that it doesn't happen again.

Networking Our experienced staff specializes in home and business networks and services for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP! Complete home networking, design & installation. Share that high-speed Internet connection anywhere in the house, safely! Free consultations available.

Media - Custom-Services Available In-home demonstrations and technical consultations: Introduction Are you a busy professional with no time to figure out how to use that new digital video recorder you received as a gift? Or perhaps you love taking pictures with your digital camera but can not locate them on your computer. Wouldn't it be nice to...