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1.0 Introduction

This business report is based on the hypothetical company 'kay', which can be used for all your family's clothes leaving them clean by supplying chemical detergents. 'kay' has a variety of products including powder which is for use in drum and also hand washing in order to clean your clothes. Those who work in this company are around 1,000 employees as a medium sized manufacturing organization. It has been successful over the past few years. Due to the fact that the chief of the company 'kay' would like to promote it into Ukraine expanding business, my team is supposed to assessment task whether or not it will make huge profits. I am manager of my team. According to the report, there are several aspects of legal, political, economic, social and cultural environment of Ukraine

2.0 Legal environment

2.1 Legal system

It based on civil law system which is judicial review of legislative acts.

Ukraine also provides adaptation of legislation acts approving by executive power bodies as required by the EU.(The CIA World FactBook,2005)

3.0 Economic environment

3.1 general statistics


GDP: purchasing power parity: $260.4 billion (2003 est.)

GDP - real growth rate: 9.4% (2003 est.)

GDP - per capita: purchasing power parity: $5,400 (2003 est.)

GDP - composition by sector: agriculture: 18.8%industry: 44.8%services: 36.4%

Industrial production growth rate: 15.8% (2003 est.)

Household income or consumption by percentage share:lowest 10%: 3.7%highest 10%: 23.2%

Inflation rate (consumer prices): 5.2% (2003 est.)

Labor force: 21.29 million (2003)

Labor force - by occupation: industry 32%, agriculture 24%, services 44% (1996)

Unemployment rate: 3.7% officially registered; large number of unregistered or underemployed workers (2003)

Budget:revenues: $14.1 billionexpenditures: $14.19 billion (2003 est.)

Exports: $23.63 billion (2003 est.)

Exports - partners: Russia 17.4%, Turkey 7.2%, Italy 5.9%, China 5.3% (2003 est.)

Imports: $23.58...