Business Research Literature Assignment

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MGMT 240 Business Research and Report Writing

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Fall 2014 Section OP51

Business Research Literature Assignment

Full bibliographic citation (APA format)

Mosley, P. A. (2014, Engaging leadership knowing when to disengage. Library Leadership & Management (Online), 28, F1-F6. Retrieved from


Pixey Anne Mosley, Professor and Associate Dean for Administrative and Faculty Services at Texas A&M University, United States

Purpose of Article

The purpose of the article is to explore and identify instances in which a leader may have to deliberately and consciously disengage when presented with a problem that appears to be unresolvable.

The objective of the article is to explore specific scenarios in which disengaging would be appropriate, and also the specific situations in how to properly deal with disengagement.

These scenarios include:

When an employee is accomplishing work that only meets the bar minimum.

When an employee meets an absolute positional state on an issue and is unwilling to listen or engage to any differing opinion.

When an employee is performing poorly.

The research question is to understand the circumstances of when to disengage and be able to assess if it is the right decision for the leader and for the bigger picture of the organization.

Findings & Conclusions

The author found that leaders tend to be highly motivated individuals with goals and the ability to grow and develop. She also noted that these leaders often find themselves identifying themselves with their careers. This leads to leaders having difficulty understanding employees who only show up for a paycheck. This does not mean that the employees are unhappy or motivated. It simply means that work is not their primary focus. For outstanding employees or leaders-to-be it can be frustrating to deal with and they will ask management to do something about their individual...