Business Research Methods

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Business Research Methods Part III

In 2011 Wal-Mart Corporation faced incriminating accusations of employee discrimination (Wade, 2011). Such accusations provided evidence of how female workers of the mega-retail giant were paid substantially less than male workers. By comparing both gender and pay for the top two largest earning Wal-Mart locations in 2011, Team D will make the educated determination of rather or not Wal-Mart pays female workers less than male workers.

Characteristics and Variables of the research study.

The Characteristics of this research study will involve the male versus female salary evaluation for the entire year of 2011. This study will take place using the information captured from two separate yet high grossing Wal-mart locations to provide a larger and more accurate sampling for the research design. Because many of the variables in this study are controlled this experiment enters both the Sex of the employee and the rate of pay as the independent variables.

The year and the number of store locations being measured acts as the depended variable.

The operational variable identifies how Team D will measure both dependent and independent variable (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Team D's hypothesis is female workers employed by Wal-Mart Corporation in 2011 were paid substantially lower than male workers. Team D clearly defines workers as any individual, male or female, hired, or employed by the organization in 2011.

Wal-Mart Corporation salary and increase guidelines are determined by the number of years with the company, rather the individual is salary or hourly, and the Wal-Mart performance rating scale of zero to five with five being the highest rating.

Using the example of Jane. Jane is an hourly non-management Wal-Mart Employee working for the organization for three years during her 2011 evaluation for financial increase. Jane received a 3.5 rating on the Wal-Mart performance...