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In the course of the past year, the frontline sales have dramatically decreased for High Desert Federal Credit Union (HDFCU). This is becoming a rising business problem that could be addressed through the application of business research principles. In this analysis, I will begin by evaluating the possible results from my research. Next, I will discuss the operational definition and identify the standards necessary to measure the related constructs. Finally, I will propose a business research plan to address the issue of frontline sales.

There are three possible outcomes that I predict as the cause of the decline in frontline sales. First, many frontline employees may not feel confident enough to promote sales. Second, the advertising for HDFCU may be insufficient. Third, the products and services offered by HDFCU may not be compatible to customer needs.

Cooper and Schindler define an operational definition as, “a definition for a construct stated in terms of specific criteria for testing or measurement; refers to an empirical standard (we must be able to count, measure, or gather information about the standard through our senses)” (Cooper & Schindler, 2006, p.

310). The construct that may be difficult to convey the actual meaning at this point is “successful frontline sales”. To begin researching the cause for the decline of sales, the first thing to look at is the monthly sales reports for the frontline. During what month did sales begin to decrease? Which employees sold the most? Which employees sold the least? What products and services were being promoted during this time? This information can distinguish which employees are comfortable with sales as well as which products and services are efficiently advertised and frequently sold, thus showing compatibility to customer needs. To further the research, surveys on HDFCU’s products, services, and advertising can be given to...