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Ethanol Fuel: The More Efficient and Effective Way of Biofuel

Solkira Ramirez

RESEARCH AND EVALUATION RES/341 Professor: Neil Chapman, University of Phoenix


I recently volunteered to help a friend of mine conduct some research on a project that she is working on with some very important individuals both in this country and oversees. I have been astounded at the vast amount of information my research has produced in this arena. The internet is loaded with viable information, you can expect to hear about it one the news several times per week as well as read about it in the papers and business magazines. This project started out as a favor to a friend who did not count with enough time in the day to accomplish everything she needed in order to get this going, and has now turned into a recent passion, one which I have all intentions of seeing through to culmination.

In Brazil, ethanol fuel is produced from sugar cane which is a more efficient source of fermentable carbohydrates than corn as well as much easier to grow and process. Brazil has the tropical climate that is required for the productive culture of sugarcane. Brazil has the largest sugar cane crop in the world, and is the largest exporter of ethanol in the world. High government sales taxes on gasoline, as well as government subsidies for ethanol, have cultivated a profitable national ethanol industry, one we can expect to see more of in countries with sugar cane production.

Electricity from Bagasse

Sucrose accounts for little more than 30% of the chemical energy stored in the mature plant; 35% is in the leaves and stem tips, which are left in the fields during harvest, and 35% are in the fibrous...