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Companies used to be defined almost exclusively by the products they produced or the services they provide. That's all changed. There now defined by the way they provide their products and services. Their behaviors define how their perceived in the marketplace in ways that products never really could. In the article "Talk to the car with new tech", people are in for a great new product in desperate need among car consumer.

Within today's highly sophisticated society, organizations exist to compete with one another for profitability and status within the open market. This new product will ensure distracted drivers keep their hands on the driving wheel by using voice controls. In the retail car industry many companies such as Toyota have partnered with voice search specialist from VoiceBox, a small company in Bellevue, Washington.

VoiceBox is developing a technology which will allow people to speak conversationally to operate car electronics, rather than having people memorize and deliberate sound out commands.

Other high end to midrange vehicles such as Lexus and Honda's Acura include voice command features for driving directions. But the problem with those is limited vocabulary of commands or poor recognition of synonyms and accents.

The engineers at VoiceBox believe that they can develop technology that can recognize the content of speech, conversations to answer questions in a human form. Such as request like let me hear Mariah, which the computer would translate to request to hear the singer Mariah Carey. The computer could even get information on traffic jams, the latest stock quotes, ect. Without all the confusion of cell phones, and satellite radios, which distract drivers and cause car accidents?

With this new technology research companies like Toyota can identify the potential safety and legislation issues involved in today's economy. VoiceBox is one of only a...