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1.0 Introduction

The report topic "Sleeping Habits of IBA Students" is an interesting issue considering that it is a study conducted on and by the same fraternity of people. The report focuses on explaining the uses of descriptive and inferential statistics to measure and quantify students' aspects of sleeping habits and whether or not sleeping habits is related to results and overall performance of students.

1.1 Origin

This report has been authorized to the students as an integral component of the Business Statistics (K - 502) course requirement. The Course Instructor Jawad R Zahid has assigned this report on January 22, 2003 with the date of submission being February 08, 2003.

1.2 Objective

The main objective of our report is to:

See if there is a relationship between results and sleeping characteristics of a university student. Based on our instructor's approval, we used as many procedures of statistics as we could, to find out the sleeping habits of IBA students.

To do that, we studied

how long the students of IBA devote in sleeping

when they normally go to sleep

whether or not surrounding environment affects their sleep or not

1.3 Scope

In this topic, "The sleeping habits of IBA students", the report is confined to the sleeping hours of the IBA students in weekdays only. In weekends and holidays, prolonged sleeping is common and it may affect our analysis. Nevertheless, we used descriptive statistics to explain sample data. We then derived a hypothesis and collected necessary statistical evidence to support or reject the hypothesis. Finally, we tried to get a relationship between the aspects of sleeping hours to see whether they are linearly related to student grades or not.

1.4 Limitation

The major constraints faced while writing the report were unavailability of historical information, technicality of the topic and...