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SuperWeb Consulting is outsourcing the training needs of the new automated

dentist-scheduling calendar. EMV Enterprises is the selected provider to help

implement the most cost-effective, low-risk way to make DentaSmile employees

more innovative, effective, and focused.

EMV Enterprises plans to effectively gather the training needs and expectations from

DentaSmile. They will establish clear goals and a continuous review process.

The quality of our Instructors, materials, equipment for training are the best in the industry.

EMV will use the 'skills-gap analysis' tool as a training module to measure the proficiency of the new automated dentist-scheduling calendar. These types of tools optimize training costs. EMV Enterprises promotes the train-the-trainer and coaching approach.


There are many benefits in outsourcing training:

· Use of different methods to deliver training to reduce training costs.

· Some use of e-learning will provide the fastest return on investment (ROI)

· Outsourcing training services adds credibility to the training that has been done in-house.

· Well-trained employees stay longer, and outsourcing makes the training process better and easier.

· Improved training leads to better employees who it turn improve the customers' experience

· Decrease Inefficiencies

· Provide expert and practical hands on training to enhance the quality of their work.

· Optimal use of time: Disruptions will be to a minimum with users remaining on-site.

· Training will be scheduled at a time that best suits DentalSmile Group and dental practices.


DentaSmile proposed training budget is estimated to $35,000.

EMV Enterprises will provide cost savings of 30% return on investment.


· Provide high quality "hands-on" training of all aspects of the dentist-scheduling calendar content to enable dental practices staff to work more effectively.

· quality and efficiency, with related cost savings being seen as an additional, though significant to people and tools.

Outsourcing option: Documentation...