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At first I want to express my great gratitude to my honorable Teacher Dewan Mahbub Hossain and Ashiq Sir to give me the opportunity to complete my assignment.

I would like to thank all mighty Allah for keeping everything on right track. Finally, I would like to thank my parents and friends without whose support it was impossible for me to complete the project.

Executive Summary

In this assignment, I have described and analysed various strategic tools such as Integration, Intensive and diversification strategies. I have also discussed and relate Michael Porter's Five Generic Strategies with the case study and after that I have explained various Strategic matrices such as Grand Strategy matrix, BCG matrix, Internal-External Matrix, EFE matrix, IFE Matrix, SPACE Matrix and SWOT Matrix as per requirement stated in the case study.




Opportunities or Threats


Lack of patent protection


We do not have any patent protection rights in our country and this drawback can be a opportunities for the competitors which will enable them to copy any product or services.

Keep costs below the competitors' costs


Our cost is less than the other competitors

Competitors have strong brand names


Our competitors have stronger brand images in the market

Poor reputation among customers


This is our weakness because our reputation in the market is very low among the customers.

Shifts in customer taste away from the product


We don't have varieties of product in the market. In that case, customer shift the other company product

No strong relationships with retailers


We do not have strong relationship with the retailers.

Increased trade barriers


Changes in the external environment like increased in trade barriers may possess threats to the firm

Loosening of regulation


Loosening of regulation...