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During the 1990's the Internet had dotcom fever. Yahoo's founder David Filo, as well as many other portal companies, turned down the emerging small town duo of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Together the duo was reluctant to establish Google and had acquired little interest from outside investors. Finally, a $100,000 check endorsed from a co-founder of Sun Microsystems forced Larry and Sergey to organize Google for check cashing purposes (ICFIA, 2003). Because Google Inc. now maintains dominance of the search market and continues to expand a host of other services Google can attest to taking risks and maintains that strong organizational culture will move mountains.

To this aim, what has attracted me to Google's environment is the strong organizational culture that encompasses all employees. The founders, Larry and Sergey, have been innovators of both technology and business, which is not found in other organizations, but admit that there is always room for improvement.

Additionally, the focus at Google is to globally organize the world's information making it universally accessible and useful. Therefore, the founders are positive role models, not afraid of adversary, willing to take risks, and do not claim to be above the next (Schmidt and Varian, 2005).

Google accredits and values the creative talents of employees and finds the biggest problem to be sifting through such creativity. Larry and Sergey personally conduct a portion of Google's interviews and requires applicants to possess critical communication skills. Furthermore, applicants are not hired without set job descriptions but are hired after all-inclusive reference checks and for simply being able to do the job. In conclusion, applicants are thought to be exceptional at everything when found exceptional at anything (Schmidt, and Varian, 2005).

Moreover, rapid growth throughout Google has not changed the informal culture and flat hierarchy. Each employee is a...