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Essay by edgargdo March 2005

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The need for an automated system of employee and contractual time accounting is necessary for any business to remain competitive in today's modern business environment. Customers of businesses do not trust companies that provide erroneous billing statements or account summaries. Employee accountability while working in customer arenas is difficult to maintain with the traditional paper time cards. Customers who see deficiencies in customer billing are prone to take their business elsewhere.

A reliable and efficient, automated time entry system which provide employee and administrator access from off-site and on-site work facilities will provide greatly needed support on all professional business levels; from management keeping track of employee time and reporting to administrators billing customers efficiently and accurately for time spend on specific contracts. Employees will see benefits as well; frequently those employees who travel for business are challenged with presenting signed paper copies of time cards while away from the office.

With online or phone-in access to a time accounting application, employees may log on from a work site or from their hotel and enter accurate time for billing a customer. Automating time accounting and customer billing will decrease many administrative costs as well as increasing the reliability of data and daily reporting.

Applications considered must meet basic reliability and ease of administration and access requirements, as well as the ability to cross reference employee identification with specific contractual billing numbers in order to facilitate the entire billing process. The entire time attendance system should be streamlined to save time and duplicate efforts while allowing immediate error detection.