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"Right to be Let Alone" As technology advances and people become more reliable on things like the Internet to do business and shopping, so does the opportunity for hacking and unsolicited e-mails increases. Major concepts such as credit card fraud and stealing ones identity affect today's society. Accessing ones social security number, address, telephone number, occupation and credit card number is more available than ever through the Internet. The Internet was invented to find information through the whole world not invented for privacy. Everyone in America has the right to privacy according the Fourth Amendment in the United States Constitution. It states that your have the right of protection when there is a reasonable expectation to privacy. The right to privacy dates back to 100 years ago with the "first publication advocating privacy was an article written by Warren and Brandeis, The Right to Privacy, 4 Harvard L.R.

193."(#15) Then the famous phrase "right to be let alone"(#15) was a given to the word privacy as a simple definition. As far back as 1834, the U.S. Supreme Court gives that a "defendant asks nothing---wants nothing, but to be let alone until it can be shown that he has violated the right of another." (#15)