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1 Butanol is a compound called an alcohol. This is because of a hydrogen atom of a carbon compound is replaced by an -OH group. From butane we get butanol. Alcohols formed from alkanes are called alkanols and have the general formula CnH2n+1OH. Butanol is a liquid at room temperature because of the hydrogen bonding that has strong intermolecular forces so allows butanol to have a much higher boiling point. Butanol is made from the fermentation of corn.

Physical and chemical properties: Like all alcohols, 1 Butanol has a few different names, scientific or common. They are n-butyl alcohol, propyl carbinol and butanol.

Chemical formula: C4H9OH or CH3(CH2)3OH or C4H10O Structural formula: -C-C-C-C-OH Melting point: -89.5 °C Boiling point: 117.3 °C (high boiling point because there is a large number of carbon atoms) Molecular weight: 74.1 g Density: 0.8098 g / cm3 Solubility: 8ml / 100ml water at 25°C (because of oxygen it is quite polar) Soluble in water, miscible with alcohol and ether Vapour density: (Air=1), 2.6

Odour: strong characteristics, mildly alcoholic odour Volatilblity: 100% volatile by volume at 21°C (1st four carbons are gases) Clear and colourless at room temperature Specific gravity: 0.81 at 20°C / 4°C Flammability rating: 3 - severe (flammable) Flash point: 37°C Flammable point: 23°C - 61°C Auto-ignition temperature: 343°C Reactivity rating: 1 - slight (no multiple bonds) Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage. Keep away from direct sunlight and any heat source.

When heated to decomposition carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide may form.

Hazardous polymerization will not occur.

Incompatible with strong oxidizers, halogens, chromium trioxide, strong mineral acids, alkali metals and aluminium.

Manufacture: Industrial / domestic use: 1 butanol is sometimes used in the production of perfumes, a variety of cosmetics, tires, plastics, resins, laquers coating (butyl-acetate), food extract (flavourings) and...