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Assessment 2



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Select two different products and explain the types of learning approaches a marketer might use in order to have the buyer comprehend a brand's position. E.g. low involvement good and high involvement service.

Provide clear evidence as to how the learning approaches are being used.

Please include a clear statement of both brands competitive position.

Explain to a marketing manager whether multiple learning methods need to be applied simultaneously in 'educating' a consumer as opposed to using only one learning method. Use examples to illustrate.


This article analyzes the importance of learning approaches for marketers to make consumers comprehend their products and brands. The article indicates the strategic applications of behavioral theories and cognitive theories with analyzing the multiple learning approaches used by Heineken and Mercedes-Benz. The article also shows the importance of applying multiple learning approaches instead of only one method.


The intense level of competition in most of the industries are seriously increasing in during the last few years. It is obviously necessary for a marketer to make target consumers comprehend attributes of the product and the position of the brand. Potential consumers will complete the purchases when the information they learn about the product or brand meet their demand. How can consumers get the information to position the product and the brand ? Multiple learning approaches are efficiently used to teach consumers about the position of the product and the brand in Heineken and Mercedes-Benz.

Consumer learning is defined as the process that individual get the information about the purchase and the consumption which apply to the future related behavior(Schiffman,2013). In models of consumer learning by experience, individuals are assigned a permanent taste, or match value, for each available product. A consumer learns...