Buyer Behaviour in Australia's Beer Industry - accomplished for the class requirement: use one or two theories addressed in Buyer Behaviour course to analyse an Australia Industry.

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Table of Content

1. Introduction3

2. Culture4

2.1 Values and Believes4

2.2 Rituals5

2.3 Myths6

3. Reference groups7

4. Conclusion11

5. Bibliography12

1. Introduction

As world's ninth biggest beer market, Australia consumes about 1720 million litres of beer every year. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2002) Just go through some of the tourist web sites, pubs, beaches and football games are always suggest as three must go activities if one wants to claim he/she has really been Australia.

While the beer is treated as ultimate enjoyment for many Australians, the life of its producers does not seem easy. Under increasing press from beer substitutes such as wine, and Ready to Drink (RTD) Spirits, the market is shrinking. On the other hand, domestic and international brewers are continuously introducing new brands and creating new advertising campaigns to gain more market share. Competition in this industry is severe. (Lion Nathan, 2003)

However, the beer itself is very similar from brand to brand in the same category.

A blind taste test conducted by Simone Pettigrew (2002) revealed that the beer lovers could not even distinguish their most favourite brand from the others. Therefore, it is especially important that the beer marketers understand its consumer's behaviour, and design advertisement to appeal to their profound needs and motives.

In this paper, two most relevant areas of consumer behaviour are examined, namely culture and reference groups.

2. Culture

When Mr Morgan was asked in the film "Danny Deckchair" that what makes him an Australian, his answer was immediate: the beer. Beer plays a major symbolic role in Australian culture. It is closely associated with Austrian's values, believes, rituals.

2.1 Values and Believes

Every culture has a set of values that denote what end states people strive to attain Value can be defined as a set of shared...