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I went into this debate not really leaning towards either John Kerry or George W. Bush.

I wasn't really looking forward to this debate because I went into this not knowing very little on how either John Kerry or George Bush felt about certain issues. But before I started to watch I hoped I would be able to learn a little about each of these to men from this debate and maybe this would in some way make me want to go out an vote for one of them.

From the start of the debate I thought both John Kerry and George Bush made some good points on the war. Kerry talked about how war should be a last resort before anything. But Bush came right back on how we needed to go to war and how it was a good thing for our country. Bush also made it a point to talk about how we got Saddam Hussein and tried to make this a high point I thought of what he was talking about.

Kerry came right back on how yes Bush did get him but we did not get Osam Bin Laden. Kerry also pointed out the fact that George Bush was letting warlords in those countries look for him instead of having the greatest military force in the world look for him.

One thing I was really looking for in the debate was how each of them held themselves. John Kerry seemed to be very confident when he spoke. He also had a certain something about him that made me want to listen to him. Bush on the other hand at times didn't seem to me to be confident. Although I did like the way George Bush talks with his hands. This to me shows power...