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What is the communication mix of Cadbury?

The marketing communications mix consists of five major modes of communication

1. Advertising

- in the case of Cadbury, advertising is used to build a long-term image of the product

- Cadbury must therefore through its media posture be the market champion and carry the brand message

- Television is the advised primary medium of communication as it has mass reach, a favourable image, high prestige value and is attention getting

- Cadbury also advertise through magazines, radio, promotions, online etc

- Consumers might believe that a heavily advertised brand must offer good value

- The 'taste' of Cadbury's chocolate has long been the focus of Cadbury's advertising. This has been supported by the slogan 'a glass and a half of full cream milk in every 200 grams', accompanied by a picture of milk pouring into the Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate block. The image has become an integral part of the packaging design and has been featured in magazines, and on buses and trains, billboards, and of course television.

2. Sales promotions

- Cadbury use sales-promotion tolls to draw a stronger and quicker buyer response

- It can be used for short-run effects to dramatise product offers

- The Go Another Cadbury promotion encourages customers to purchase promotionally marked Cadbury products for a chance to win free chocolate bars. This is just one of the many Cadbury promtions.

3. Public Relations

- The thought behind public relations, is that it provides advertising to a large audience as well as generates a welcoming community likeness about the company

- Well-thought-out programs coordinated with the other promotion-mix elements can be extremely effective

- Cadbury are committed to a strategy of "growing community value around the world" and are focussing on investments in the principal areas...