Cadbury's stake holders.

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Another strong type of stakeholder is employees. This is because everything that Cadbury's Trebor Basset produces is produced by their employees, so it actually their products quality depends on the employees efforts. This is probably the main reason why Cadbury's Trebor Basset wants their employees to be efficient, work hard, motivated and reliable. If their employees meet all of these criteria which Cadbury's Trebor Basset want them to meet, then Cadbury's World would achieve lots more and have good quality of their products. This will ultimately increase the number of customers; therefore business would make more profit. Cadbury's Trebor Basset might consider that employees have part in their making profit. So their might think about rewarding their employees with pay rises to promote them to work even harder.

However, there are many things that also employees want or need from the business that they are working for. Employees of Cadbury's Trebor Basset are not doing the easiest type of work.

They have large responsibilities over producing products in very large quantity. Therefore employees also want good working condition, health and safety, good pay, treated fairly, promotions opportunities, security and flexible working hours.

Owners and share holder could also have the enormous affect on their business, as they could choose the way they want to run a business. This means, they can decide the new products that their business would be providing. They are in the authority of effecting business by making new rules and regulations. In same way owners and shareholders of Cadbury's World also could a huge affect on their business too. Cadbury's Trebor Basset is a private limited company, and it is owned by Cadbury Schweppes PLC, this is a public limited company. At Cadbury's Trebor Basset owners have encouraged employees also to buy shares under their share...