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CadMex must understand that the viral outbreak will most likely be in the global spotlight, and current and potential investors for the company will view how CadMex will handle the situation. Looking at potential solutions available for this breach of contract, two options stand out. Again, take no legal action, but claim compensation from Gentura because of the contract violation. This avenue affords both companies with a way to assist in a public crisis and also holds the violating company accountable for the contract breach. CadMex can be compensated with royalties and other costs sustained once the epidemic is under control.

The disadvantage to this option is that Gentura has the potential to have a lower profit margin and yet still be obligated to pay CadMex. A second option is to overlook the Candorean government’s request to subsidize the medication. Gentura could continue to vend the ViroBlax thus creating a high profit margin.

Unfortunately, this option completely negates the ethical responsibility of CadMex because countless lives would be lost because of slower antivirus production.

By utilizing the Candorean Regulations for Technology Import Contract (CRTIC) and selecting a non-binding forum for arbitration, CadMex and Gentura can continue their business relationship and have an alternative that is cost efficient, can save time and assist in avoiding litigation. Arbitration provides a forum for a dispute to be heard by a neutral, non-judicial, third party, which can provide a suitable medium for each company (Cheeseman, 2007).

An example where the law and ethics conflict is the recent Olympia Washington initiative I-1000, the choice to let terminally ill patients end their own lives. This measure discusses the possibility of Washington State placing into law the choice for a patient with a life-limiting illness to end his or her life (Staff, 2008, p. A-12). Culturally, this initiative creates heavy ethical issues because physician assisted suicides are thought to be against life, and against many religious beliefs. High profile celebrities and politicians are addressing the ethical implications of this initiative mainly over the airwaves. Fortunately, both sides of the spectrum are being told in this respect.

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