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I think that JULIUS CAESAR was a good guy. He helped Rome go into an empire. Rome was a pile of bricks when he first started. In this essay Iwill tell you about how he fixed up Rome. When Caesar first got control of Rome it was a republic that was really doing bad. He got control of Rome and made many buildings. He gave homeless people that didn't have jobs . He had many goals! He wanted to start something called the "Pax Romania." In the Pax Romania he wanted to have all new buildings. He also wanted to do a lot of other things to.

Caesar made Rome into an empire. The only thing wrong with a empire is that one person has power. The empire was really good Intel the end of Rome. Caesar also did other things like highbred the dole. He also lowered taxes.

He gave people land. Caesar was a great worrier. He got more land for Rome. He conquered Gaul and other lands. He was always changing things. Rome was a great place when Caesar changed it.

Caesar also started a lot of bad things. He started the civil war which ruined Rome. If that didn't happen Rome would have been around a lot longer. If Rome was still like it was long ago I would like to visit there. I would love to meet Caesar if he was still around today. That is the kind of leader we need. He would made a heck of a president. He probity a role model for a lot of Romans. He was great at every thing.

This concludes my essay about Julius Caesar. I had lots of fun doing Rome. I hope the rest of the topics are as fun as the last!