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1.) He cannot sleep because he can’t decide whether or not Caesar will abuse his power or not. He fears that if he does kill Caesar, that it could be without reason, but if he doesn’t, the Roman people will be oppressed.

2.) He says that Caesar must be killed, but I have no personal reason to hold such a grudge against him. But how his new power may corrupt him is what is important. That temptation is always there, for him to abuse his power.

3.) We give him power to do injury when we give him a king’s power. He hasn’t know Caesar who lets his emotions get in the way of his judgment, and is not sure if he will once he is king. And that the once he climbs in status, those he has passed, become below him and could possibly become insignificant. He also fears that given Caesar’s current nature, that an increase of power may lead him to tyranny.

The serpent’s egg is danger waiting to happen.

4.) It says that if Caesar takes over Rome, all of the people will be forced to live in fear of one man. It basically tells that Caesar will take over and oppress the people of Rome and abuse his power.

5.) Because he says if the motives of the corruption of the age are not sufficient motives for them, they might as well give up at once. He says there should be no other reason to remove Caesar than to make things right in Rome.

6.) Brutus is able to convince the other conspirators that Cicero is not trustworthy, and should not be included in the conspiracy. This shows that Brutus is firstly, the make or break person in the conspiracy, and if he leaves, then it will not be possible, so they must keep him happy. Secondly, it shows that Brutus is smart and a good speaker.

7.) Brutus wins the argument because he has to be happy with the plans so that he will stay part of the conspiracy, since they have nothing without him.

8.) By telling him that unicorns may be betrayed with trees, and bears with glasses elephants with holes, lions with toils, and men with flatterers. This would draw him in because he hates flatterers.