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Gaius Julius Caesar was born in c. 100 B.C., because of tradition Caesar was born through an abdominal operation.

Caesar was a very courageous; he was once kidnapped and told by pirates that they would ransom him for 20 talents. Caesar showing his confidence laughed at them and told them he was at least worth 50 talents and that when they released him he would come back for revenge and that he would have them crucified, but, they did not believe him.

As soon he was free he came back and did exactly what he said he would do.

Caesar began to shine and showed his leadership skills and became popular with the commoners. Pompey and Crassus deiced to work with Caesar so they to could become mighty. This contract became known as the first triumvirate.

In 59 B.C. at the time of Caesar's consulship, two roman regions who were named Gaul and Transalpine Gaul.

Gaul would extend over all the area of modern France. As a result of Caesar' victories.

For the Gallic wars, because of the Germans the whole army was in panic. Some said that they won't attack on command. Caesar gathered his commanders, and tried to boast there confidence, by telling them that the Germans were no match for them. At the end of his speech the soldiers were not afraid any more and clamed they weren't scared in the first place.

In 67 BC the statesman and general Pompey the Great, who had fought the Marian party in Africa, Sicily, and Spain, cleared the Mediterranean of pirates and was then put in charge of the war against Mithridates. Meanwhile his rival Gaius Julius Caesar rose to prominence, and his political ability had full scope during the absence of Pompey. As leader of the popular party...