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Are you tired of eating nasty, dried, greasy, overcooked, overpriced cafeteria food? I know I am. It's time to make a change. It would be a good idea for a fast food chain to consider opening their newest location in our school. Doing so would help students and increase money for the school.

Bringing in a fast food restaurant would be good because it would help students. Students would stop skipping lunch a start eating in the cafeteria. Eating lunch is better for them than not eating. Studies show test scores improve when students eat. When students like lunch, they will eat it!

Having a fast food restaurant at school would also help students by creating jobs for coop students. Working here would keep students on campus, cutting back possibilities for car accidents. The coop teacher could check on them more easily. Students who don't have a car could still have a job.

Seeing coop students at work could motivate other students to get a job, and jobs help make students more responsible.

In addition to helping students, a fast food restaurant would benefit the school. First of all, the restaurant would give a percentage of its profits to the school. The restaurant might even participate in the Adopt-a-School program. With more students buying lunch, profits would increase. Other students might be attracted to the school because of the restaurant, increasing profits even more. All this extra money could be used for supplies, computers, or books.

Helping students and schools is something that everyone enjoys doing. Putting a fast food restaurant in place of cafeteria food would do both. Hopefully if we got this restaurant no one would ever think of the food as being nasty, greasy, overcooked or overpriced. Everyone would be happy.