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The song that I chose is Caged Bird by Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys is singing about how she feels in reference to a caged bird. The purpose of this song is to express her feelings as a person who feels that they are caged with out a key. This song is a lyric poem because; it expresses an emotion and conveys an idea of how she feels inside. When you listen to this song it seems to put you in a sympathetic mood. I think that this song portrays Keys and her record label and how she feels towards her fans as a new artist. I chose this song because I feel that everyone at a certain point and time feels like a caged bird.

The lyrics start out as "Right now I feel like a bird, caged with out a key", the use of the symbolism of a caged bird with out a key helps to create the feeling of being trapped with no way out.

The second line talks about how everyone comes to see her and is joyful but they can not see the sorrow and pain through her smile. These lines portray the tone of this song and show how she really feels about the outsiders in her life. Everyone can relate to the feeling of deception from the outside in and how we don't always see what all is there. The next line talks about the people in her life that hold her back from following through with her dreams and her sense of uniqueness. Alicia isn't just speaking about herself, any teenager can relate to not being able to do what you want and having a since of individuality.

In relation to poetic devices, the biggest poetic device in this...