The Caishikou Barbershop

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Introduction:Human Resource Management (HRM) is the direction of organizational system to ensure that human talent is used effectively and efficiently to achieve organizational goals, not matter the size of the company is big or small the employees must be hired, selected, trained and managed. The compensation system is also required for them, and as the workforce keeps changing, the HR management activities continue to change and evolve.

This assignment introduces the policies or tasks of HRM, and according to the research of the Caishikou Barbershop, the report discusses the environment factors that influence this industry, analysis the enterprise's HR problems and gives solutions and alternatives.

Environment of the Caishikou Barbershop:In China's socialist economy as of the early 80s, all medium and large size enterprises were owned by the state as the representative of the people, the traditional planning based economy required each enterprise reports its fixed assets and net working capital to a specific state supervisory.

In return, the enterprise turned all its profit over to the state, its products were purchased at a fixed price by state commercial departments, and its labor force was provided by state labor departments. Each year the enterprise needed to apply to the department in charge for funds for working capital, equipment replacements, and any new ventures. With little power of responsibility, enterprises often did not emphasize profitability or efficiency and just tried to meet state output plans. It is an advantage to keep their output target as low as possible so that it could be met or exceeded, and to increase financial and material allocation from the state. There were penalties for not meeting the production target, but not for having excess funds and materials. As a service enterprise, the prices provided to the customers and salary that the staff earned were set...