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Leonard the Turtle

I chose to draw a turtle for my final project because I needed something to give to my friend for graduation, and this gave me an excuse to draw one. I used several types of equations, including parabolas, ellipses, lines, circles, and sine and cosine curves. After finally figured out what everything looked like, the only hard part left was the animation. I got a little help with the program for the animation, but the majority if this project was done by me. I named the turtle Leonard because that was the first name that pooped into my head when I was asked if he had a name. The first thing I had to do was get the first picture done and copied, after that; it is just manipulating two or three equations to animate it. Here are the equations for the first picture:

Part of Leonard Equation Type of equation

Top of Shell Y1= [-1/10(X)2+2]/ (X≥ -5 and X≤ 4 Parabola

Bottom of Shell Y2= [-1/20(X)2+1.2]/

(X≥ -4 and X≤ 4 Parabola

Tail Y3= (-.433)/ (X≥ -4.9 and X≤ -3.9) Line

Back of Rear Fin Y4= Cos(5/8X +1) -1/ (X≥ -5.45 and X≤ -3.45) Cosine Curve

Front of Rear Fin Y5= Sin(5/8X +1.1) -1/ (X≥ -5.45 and X≤ -1.81) Sine Curve

Front of Front Fin Y6= Cos(5/8X +1) -1/ (X≥ 1.13 and X≤ 4.6) Cosine Curve

Back of Front Fin Y7= Sin(5/8X +1.1) -1/ (X≥ 2.9 and X≤ 4.6) Sine Curve

Top of Head Y8= √( 1- .1(X -4)2/ .05) -.5 Ellipse

Bottom of Head Y9= -√( 1- .1(X -4)2/ .05) +.5 Ellipse

After graphing the equations, the picture looked like this:

At this point, the drawing itself became a little easier. The only thing I really had to do was manipulate the last three equations,