Calibre of Impact: 5 Strategies for Developing It

Essay by HouseofPolston November 2006

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Every decision that you make has an impact; how are you impacting your world? Notice how I phrased the question..."How are you impacting 'your' world?" It is common knowledge that our decisions impact those around us but think about we treat others is how they will in turn treat us. Therefore doesn't it make sense to be aware of ourselves, our decision making process, our Calibre of Impact?...because if what goes around comes around, than we need to be making sure that what we put out is what we want back. How we impact our world is how our world will in turn impact us. To receive abundance than we need to give abundantly...Ah-Ha!...Alas, you ask, but where and how do I position myself to be giving abundantly?

Let me begin by saying that it doesn't matter what your current status is or what your background is; what you are about to read applies to everyone without a single exception.

Focusing on the subject of how we impact our world; let's ask the question which is in the title: Are You Aware of Your Calibre of Impact?

My Calibre of Impact? What do you mean by that? Well, allow me to describe what I mean. Think of a gun and more specifically think of it's calibre. Picture the difference between the impact of a calibre .22, a calibre .45, and a calibre .454; picture the target being shot at as a pumpkin. The .22 shoots and it plows a visible hole into the pumpkin. The .45 fires and it leaves a gaping hole through the pumpkin. The .454 roars out and poof! the entire pumpkin is obliterated!

Staying with the same metaphor now picture the people shooting those guns. The .22 would most likely be young, let's say a...