California: Myths & Betrayal

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I was born In Sacramento, California and I have lived here my whole life. This is all I know and I really have nothing to compare it to. When I meet people that are not from California and they find out that I am, they immediately ask me certain questions. The questions are based on stereotypes or myths about California and the people that live here. From an outsider’s perspective, California is thought to be a warm and sunny place all year round. California is seen as a home to celebrities and movie stars. People think all Californians are blonde haired and blue-eyed people that surf and live near beaches. California is also seen as a place where people have a lot of money, live in mansions and live extravagant lifestyles. Californians are often thought of as “hippies” or “freaks”, a lot more liberal in their appearances than the rest of the US.

Unfortunately people come to California with certain expectations that are based on myths not reality, as a result they may end up disappointed and feeling a sense of betrayal.

A myth is defined in the Webster’s Online Dictionary as: a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone; especially: one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society. I see a myth as something people assume based on things they have heard, not on their own personal experiences.

I believe weather is part of the “California Dream”. Many people are interested in California because of our weather. They live in states where the weather is extremely difficult to bear in the winter and in the summer it isn’t as warm and sunny as they’d like. The thing is, although California may be warmer than other states, it...