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CALL FROM THE DEAD***The ivory veil was gradually drawn back to reveal the pale sickly face beneath. Her eyes were daggers silently stabbing at Karina’s heart. Her lips, slightly ajar, were painfully sucking out Karina’s soul. The cement under Karina’s feet seemed to crumble. A cyclone of confusion, realisation and despair engulfed Karina as she peered in disbelief at the girl’s body which lay flaccidly on the table. The twenty-four year old, relived the excruciating conversation with the head of forensics at the morgue.

“Good morning Miss Karina Carlos. My co-workers’ and I have identified the body that you dug up at 9 am this morning. We believe that it is Carmen Carlos.”“Wh-what? Are you sure? You must’ve made a mistake. It can’t be Carmen! I spoke to her late last night!”“I’m sorry. We are positive that the girl is your sister, Carmen. But according to the evidence, she has been dead for at least 48 hours.”Karina’s

day had started off like usual: arriving at the dig site, being informed which area she was assigned to excavate, then the arduous task of slowly removing the rubble in hope of finding the vital clue to help them piece together their prehistoric jigsaw. How could a regular, turn out to be such a nightmare?Only when she took a closer look at the girl’s face, was she forced to believe it was her sister. Carmen’s pallid corpse had been grievously mutilated. Deep crimson gashes were entrenched into her frosty skin. Her normally plump face had been drained off any emotion. Her eyes were pits into the unknown. An unspoken vow was exchanged between the sisters during those few moments together - the truth of Carmen’s tragic demise would one day be unveiled.

***Carmen was gone. The words echoed in Karina’s mind, as...