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"We learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we say or write…..[and] 90% of what we teach."

Language lab are chiefly used at Al-Faisal Academy . It is also referred to as language resource centers. I have brought my students to the call lab with being sufficiently prepared .

Al-Faisal Academy has a very successful call lab assisting English Language Learners, which is part of the reason we have chosen as the best place that represents the dynamic of call lab. Today the internet, consisting of millions of computers, has an important role in educational life. It is also used specifically and widely in second language learning . Indeed, internet motivates learners to use English in their daily lives and provides functional communicative experiences. I have been using call lab in teaching English many times in different classes include : writing and reading classes.

It helps students to improve their computer skills, such as keyboarding skills, and Internet searching. It increases the participation. For instance, it was found that the ESL learners produce more sentences when it compared to the situation in tradition classrooms.

Writing class:

I use call lab in writing class. It was found that call lab manage the time. I ask learners to write sentences and send me their sentences to my computer in order to correct them and send back . Each learner receives the correction clearly. I choose the most common mistakes and present them in front of all learners using projector to clarify the structure . This way makes the lesson more memorable by employing a variety of different learning styles. I also give the learner one website to practice grammar .I plan to...