A call to me, from me.

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'In a far distanced place,There are graves,Inside these graves,There are breathing people!They praise and prostrate ties have exhausted them chains have enervated them an hour passes like an age they are victims of our silence!'Last night I had a strange dream.

Lights were everywhere before I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes with pain scattering all over me. I could feel that there was a movement. Exhausted I opened my eyes in an instant, I felt like I was playing a role in a glamorous movie. A sentence written high in the sky was moving, "Religion, morality and knowledge are essential for a good government and education". A red shadow gradually covered the sentence and light disappeared. The movement bunged when a soft hand started pressing on my chest as it was hopelessly trying to wake me up from my profound dream. I laid there peacefully not answering any call.

For a moment, I wished to have the ability to journey backward on a sweet soft Eastern wind, back to being a child, back to playing in the rain, back to the world of carefree state.

“Miss, I need you to fill these papers out for me, then I will take your finger prints and a photo.” The officer cut my thoughts, then, realizing the horrified puzzles on my face he said: “As you may know this is the new procedure that the government forced to maintain the safety of everyone. I questioned my self in astonishment, what I could possibly have done wrong to threaten the public safety; I am only like a happy farm animal that can cause no harm. “Well,” I said, in a similar cunning manner to the one I was facing, “I am not and will never be a source of danger to anyone,