"The Call to Mysticism" by Tim Holmes in the exhibit calld "Art in the Age of Terror"

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The Call to Mysticism

The name of the art museum I attended was Coral Springs Art Museum. The address is 2855 Coral Springs Drive in Coral Springs, Florida 33065. The name of the exhibit is "Art in the Age of Terror" by Tim Holmes. Tim Holmes' exhibit contained sculptures, sketches and paintings.

The work of art I chose is called "The Call to Mysticism" by Tim Holmes. The work of art was created in 2001. Tim Holmes made this painting with crayon. The approximate size of the painting is fifty-eight by thirty inches.

I arrived at the art museum and started circling the different rooms. Then I saw it, those piercing eyes that see right through you and a long black veil that covered her whole body except her one arm. Her eyes were drawn to perfection, as if she were speaking a story but could hear no voice.

Her body was draped with thick, black, vertical lines that began from her head and finished down to her feet. This showed repetition and rhythm, a unity that showed flow. The deep shading of the veil on the top of the head portrays that she still wants to be sheltered in the dark but then as you come to the fixed point of the cross, the shading is slowly disappearing, meaning that the artist wants you to focus on the cross in the woman's hand. That one arm was showing because it had the importance of holding that magnificent cross. Thus, meaning this work of art was made for some spiritual sustenance. That cross was so bright it made you stare for minutes without blinking. The emphasis of the cross being so bright was used to draw your attention to that one specific spot. This in my opinion...