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Bible Theology Lesson 15 Chapter 11 pages 203-207 Section 29 No questions to answer.

Section 30 No questions to answer.

Lesson 16 Chapter 12 pages 209-218 Section 31 2. The Book of Genesis is significant because without it, we would never understand the revelation that came later. In Genesis, Moses wrote the revealed doctrine of justification by faith. I personally think Genesis is important because it is a accurate and true record of our whole existence.

3. The theme of Genesis is Beginnings, The outline is as follows: Genesis I. Material universe and Man.

II. Sin and Salvation.

III. Devastation and Deliverance.

IV. Confusion and Convenant.

A. The line of confusion.

B. The line of the convenant.

1. Abraham 2. Issac 3. Jacob 4. Joseph and his brothers.

4. Exdous is where of the twofold promise is made known. Also the coming of Christ is revealed, and that is the signifiance of Exodus.

5. The theme of Exodus is Israel Called and Consecrated.

The outline is as follows: Exodus I. Israel Called out of Egypt.

A. Persecution (of God's people).

B. Plagues (upon Egypt).

C. Passage from Egypt to Sinai.

II. Israel Consecrated at Sinai.

A. The convenant established (beginning with the Ten Commandments).

B. The tabernacle designed.

C. The convenant renewed.

D. The tabernacle made.

Section 32 6. Levtitcus has the regulations for worship in it, and this regulations tell how a sinner may continue fellowship with Jehovah and how the believers continues his fellowship.

Chapters 1-7 These chapters contain the Laws and inscrutions for sacrifices, especially the sin, burnt, and peace offerings.

Chapters 8-10 These chapters contain what the Aaronic priesthood is.

Chapters 11-15 These chapters contain the regulations for holy living.

Chapter 16 This chapters tells of the Day of Atonement.

7. Chapters 17-22 These chapters contain...