Calypso and Circe, Important Women of Homer's "Odyssey"

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Of all the dangers Odysseus meets in the Odyssey, the one that seems to stand out is Calypso and Circe. There are many reasons why Odysseus's journey is, the most obvious being the women Odysseus encounters on his journey home to Ithaca. Of the women, their are two that truly show cruelty.

Calypso is a amusing woman who carries the "true appeal" of a woman's beauty. Calypso offers Odysseus eternal life, and an end to Odysseus's physical suffering. With Calypso, Odysseus will be able to keep his identity as a man and enjoy the truly many different pleasures that Calypso can offer too him. Calypso seems like the most tempting offer for Odysseus besides his wife, Penelope, but he denies Calypso's offer. Circe is an another tempting woman Odysseus meets on his journey back home to Ithaca.

I found Odysseus's refusal to be quite creditable, though his excuse wasn't as good as the refusal.

Circe's charms are also directed towards the same place, but not as honest as Calypso's. She drugs Odysseus's men to make them forget their long lost homes, Ithaca, and then Circe turns Odysseus's crew into pigs and many other animals.

Circe tries to drug Odysseus too but he is not affected by her drugs because he got

something to eat by this flying man. This flying man told Odysseus to eat this plant

because he knew that Circe was going to try to drug Odysseus just like she did to his men.

Both these women affected Odysseus and his men's mental capacity to think straight in two different ways. This caused Odysseus and his men to make enormous mistakes and which they would certainly regret later.

Though these women seem destructible, it really symbolized what kind of temptations all...