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In order for Calyx and Corolla to exceed in the long run, CC needs to change its company structure to be more competitive in the fresh flower market BECAUSE the expected growth rate for the market is 7.7%, CC will need to find a way to differentiate their selves from the competition. CC needs to understand more about the consumer buying behavior of flower buying in order to further compete. CC can achieve this by

1) Creating new departments/systems to track purchases and trends (CRM databases)

2) Also CC can work with its California and Florida growers in Research and Development to come up with new ways to grow and ship flowers to ensure the quality isn't sacrificed during inclement whether.

Calyx and Corolla's Business

Flowers traditionally are shipped the following:

Growerà Distributors located in growing regionsà geographically dispersed wholesalersà florists, supermarkets, and other retail outlets. CC has cut the process in half...

their business model connects growers to buyers directly. Calyx and Corolla sell fresh flowers by mail using reliable carrier like FedEx to deliver flowers to consumers. This relationship between growers and FedEx is very important because they are the ones who are key to CC niche as having quality flowers with reliable delivery.

Calyx and Corolla's Product Lines

Calyx and Corolla offers variety of flowers products to consumers. Its product lines include fresh and dried flowers, bouquets, selection of plants (eg. Bonsai), vases, and also special product such as its continuity programs.

CC's Customers

Women ages 30-35 make up 85% of Calyx and Corolla customers who have more disposable income. Calyx and Corolla views its active customers as those who buy at least 2 times a year. As the market grows, CC will need to examine new target markets such as males who are pressed for time...