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Executive Summary In discovering unrealized domestic and foreign market potential, an entity attains its ticket to "fast-paced" growth in its penetrated marketplaces. This statement encompasses the vision of Mr. Camar, the founder and current president of Camar Auto Hoist. Mr. Camar is determined to harness the full potential of his company, and in doing so has met with his marketing manager, Mr. Gagnon to determine the best plausible marketing strategies .

Conversely, issues can be identified that have negative affects on the entities ability to gain the market share that Mr. Camar had in his sights. More specifically, lack of wholesaler endorsement, dominant competition, and drawn out approval processes stand in the company's path of foreign growth. By working closely with wholesalers, becoming educated about all markets, and out-performing competitors Mr. Camar will recognize the success he desires.

Regardless of how Mr. Camar chooses to expand, the emphasis he places on his reputation of highly safe, excellent quality products will not be hindered for the sake of additional profits or savings.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Problem Statement4 Case Overview4 S.W.O.T. Analysis4 Market Overview5 Strategic Alternatives Analysis6 Recommendations7 Appendix A - S.W.O.T. Chart9 Appendix B - Market Overview Diagrams10 Appendix C - Pro's & Con's of Strategic Alternatives11 Referenced Works12 Problem Statement Camar Automotive Hoist has not realized full potential in its growth, and faces the decision of choosing how to expand. Camar's options include expanding into U.S. market, penetrating the European market and different ways of doing both. The U.S. market currently has 10 times the amount of registered vehicles than Canada; however competition in the U.S. is very strong. The European market seems a favorable decision but the company lacks any experience selling in this market. This decision's importance is critical as it decides the future layout of the company.