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Choun Nat is known as the most impressive literature and cultural promoter that Cambodia every produced. Many claim Choun Nat revitalized Cambodian cultural identity. Sadly he is not world-widely recognized as those in the developed countries, due to Cambodia¡¦s immense isolation and misery over the past decades. The purpose of this scope of paper is to awaken the Cambodians and foreigners alike, not to ignore our remarkable role model.

I. Life

Choun Nat was born in the eleventh of March 1883 in Kampong Speu province (Kampong Speu is located in North of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, about 48 kilometres). He was from agrarian family. His mother's name was Youk and father's name was Prom Choun. Choun Nat had only one brother who was Sir. Choun Nut.

Reaching the age of twelve, his parents took him to one Buddhist monastery named Pothiprek, located in Kandal Provice (Kandal Provinnce is located in the south of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, about 10 kilometres) so that he could be instructed Khmer literature by Keo Morm.

When he turned 14 (1897), he became Buddhist monk and took studies in Pothiprek monastery for two years. Then he left for Hounaloum monastery, located in Phnom Penh, close to Royal Palace. Over there, he stayed with master Tep Sao. But he returned to Pothiprek monastery when he was 21.

Choun Nat tirelessly struggled in studying Pali and other languages, especially French. Students in his generation stated that Choun Nat was always the front-runner of all other students and always progressed. Seriousness in every subject he mastered, Choun Nat insightfully understand the grammar of every language -- Sanskrit, Khmer literature (Khmer and Cambodia is used correspondently). Not only grammar, Choun Nat impressively remembered the deep words related to ancient culture. Choun Nat is...