How the camera works.

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The camera is an instrument use to take pictures. The camera is one of the best devices ever made, it helps you to communicate by telling about the past. The camera is usually known as a dark box that holds light-sensitive film at one end and has a tiny hole at the other end. Light enters the hole through a plastic or glass lens and exposes the film which makes the picture.

When the picture is taken, the light rays are reflected from the object and goes through the lens of the camera. The rays enter through the shutter and pass the aperture. As the rays passes through the curved lens, the rays bend and cross the rays because the image formed on the film is upside-down.

The Main Parts of a Camera

Shutter Release button

When you press the button light will flash, the longer you hold the button the more light enters the camera.

This is known as the shutter speed. Both the shutter speed and the aperture control the amount of light that strikes the film. The aperture, or the size of the hole in the is also important.

View Finder

The view finder is the small window on the back of the camera. The image you see through the window will almost be what your picture will look like.


The lens is placed right in front of the camera. The lens sits in front of the aperture. Lenses are made out of plastic or glass. The lens causes light rays to bend which forms the image on the film.

Auto focus Window

An auto focus window is a light beam that comes and measures how far the subject is from the camera.

Flash unit

The flash unit is what goes extra light when...