Campfire Story

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There was once a man who, after is trip interstate took longer than expected, decided to

spend the night a shaggy looking motel. When he asked manager for a spare room, she

answered that the only one they had left was a two-roomed apartment; and the door to

the second room was bolted. Left without much of a choice, the man chose to take the

room anyway. He went to bed relatively early. That night, the man was awoken by what

seemed to be music floating in from the next room. Of-course he was surprised, as the

room should be empty. So in curiosity, he peeped through the large keyhole of the door.

There in the second room, he saw a ballerina dancing to the music. Thinking that the

manager must have forgotten she rented out the room, the man went back to bed.

However, nearly two hours later the music still hadn't stopped.

Unable to sleep, the man

went over and tapped on the door, hopping to get a small talk with the girl. The music

stopped immediately. Rather taken aback by the suddenness, the man peeped through

the key whole again. However, this time he saw nothing but red. The baffled man

decided that the girl must have noticed him and covered up the key whole to stop him

spying. Feeling a little embarrassed, he went back to bed and slept the rest of the night.

Next morning, the man went to ask the manager about that ballerina next door. But the

manager was more surprised than he was. "Why, no one's stayed in that room for

years!" she cried. The last person who lived there died a long time ago. She was my

daughter." After saying this, the manager handed the man a picture...