Campfire Story #2

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There was once an old lady who lived in a very lonely town. She shared her small house

with her dog; it would always sleep under her bed at night. Now, this old lady had a very

odd habit; every night, before she went to bed, she would place one hand under the bed

and let her dog lick it. Then she would fall asleep. On one particular night, after falling

asleep through the same procedure, the old lady was woken up by that steady drip drip

noise. It echoed all over her otherwise empty house. Getting up, she checked the

kitchen, but all the taps where closed, so she went back to bed. As usual, she put her

hand under the bed and her dog licked her. Later that night, she woke up again to the

same drip drip noise. This time, she got up and checked the laundry.

No taps where

leaking there either. Frustrated, the old lady went back to bed and let her dog lick her.

But that wasn't the end of it; for the third time that night, the old lady woke up to the

dreaded drip drip noise. So this time, she checked the last possible place it could be

coming from; the bathroom. First, the old lady checked the sink and tub. All the taps

where secure. However, just as the old lady turned to leave she noticed something

strange. The shower door was closed, but she'd never closed it that evening. The drip

drip noise seemed to be coming from behind the shower. With trembling hands, the old

lady slid open the door. There, nailed to the shower wall as her dog. His blood made a

steady drip drip noise as it hit the floor. But, if her dog has...